First Audition to Cast U.S. President for 2016 Begins

Poise, Intelligence, World Knowledge, Attitude or Good Looks - What will the People look for in POTUS

​​​​​​The first Presidential Debate for the 2016 season is less than 24 hours away, when The People are once again given the difficult task to cast the best actor they believe can portray the most believable President of the United States, to then live in the The People's Big Brother House called, the White House. 

This year, however, will be the toughest choice because some of the finest actors are auditioning for the 2016 season and one of the longest running Reality Shows on American Television, POTUS. There are  17  actors playing the Republican Candidates and though many more showed up for the casting call, they had to be sent home. Carly Fiorina was out in the first round, as well, BUT no other woman came to the casting call for POTUS, thus she was allowed to stay because it just looks good if there's at least one woman among the Republican Candidates. 

The  one actor Americans are currently most excited about is Donald Trump, the Schwarzenegger of real estate ( in regard to self-promotion) better known by his stage name, The Donald. The reason why The People on both sides, left and right, are standing behind The Donald is because the media puts him into the spot light, free of charge. He won't even have to pay for Campaign adds, nor do The People feel pressured to donate to his campaign or to the Party, especially after tomorrow when more Americans than ever before will be tuning in to watch the Debates, probably to see an unscripted Donald.

Also auditioning for the part of the President is Rick Perry, the Marlboro man of Politics, now sporting Superman glasses and would look great in the White House, but… he needs to loosen up a bit, as the show's director revealed, ( i was told by an insider)  otherwise he'll be up-staged by Jeb Bush, of Dynasty, also auditioning for the part of President. 

Marco Rubio, who is having some issues trying to play a Hispanic candidate, unable to get his accent right and not sticking to the script of his family's history, is one of the 17 actors auditioning in tomorrow's debate, as well.

 Rick Santorum, who turned down a role playing a cousin of Queen Elizabeth in     The Windsors , to audition for the President of the United States, will also be attending.

And while actors Chris Christie, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Lindsey Graham, Mike Huckabee, Bobby Jindal, John Kasich, George Pataki, Rand Paul, Rick Santorum and Scott Walker will thoroughly study their scripts for tomorrow,  Jim Gillmore is the one candidate we haven't heard much about, but he may turn out the winner of the debate.

The Donald with Jim Gilmore as running mate could make for an intriguing 2016 to 2020 season of POTUS; what we, The People, will have to take into consideration, though is that the White House may be renamed into The Trump White House, Air force One renamed Trump Air, but other than that the show could once again get great ratings. - Leagan E. Kasper ™Korifaeus