Why Confident Men Are the Hottest Is Revealed in New Dating Guide for Women

In " Sensing Mr. Right Guy" Leagan E. Kasper insightfully shares how features provide a glimpse of a Man's hidden Personality with a great sense of humor

 Features, demeanor and how a man walks reveal secrets of his personality traits, as sensibly explained by Leagan E. Kasper in her Ultimate Dating Guide for Women Sensing Mr. Right Guy. Listening to a man's voice and the purr, or lack thereof, underneath his breath, enables women to mind-read what kind of temperament he has or what sort of lover he is.

With an unmistakable eye for detail, the Author shares her observations in a most scholarly fashion and rationality, it instantly becomes an eye opener evoking curiosity to read on with a realization taking place of how little attention we pay to the opposite gender when it comes to individual features. After reading Sensing Mr. Right Guy a look at his earlobes will not be missed.

Sensing Mr. Right Guy discloses the top-secrets of features as though they've come from a classified physiognomy file of an intelligence agency, how to spy inside the mind and personality of just any person, making it an intriguing read. One automatically wonders if the Author's eye could ever be fooled, while at the same time grateful she shared her keen observations with women who hadn't priorly looked at ears, nose, thumbs and fingernails, or how a man sits ( wearing boxer shorts). The size of a man's guarded limb is not revealed by the size of his shoe, as we'll learn. Why balding men are never seen in certain pharmaceutical commercials is also intelligently explained and dazzling with wit.

Narration: " If your erection lasts for more than 4 hours please call a doctor. " I swear to you, if any man's erection would last for more than a half hour it would be meee calling the doctor for emergency treatment 'cuz of physical exhaustion, instructing him to bring along some gatorade to replenish my electrolytes.

Book Excerpt

As fascinating the descriptions of features, their meaning and the explanations are, Sensing Mr. Right Guy also reveals Kasper's stupendous sense of humor with thigh-slapping jokes and hilariously funny comments in every chapter, creating a well balanced guide book that's utmost entertaining, leaving the reader with extraordinary insight, great tips ( also to improve oneself and helping with insecurities ) and hearty laughter.

Book Title:  Sensing Mr. Right Guy - The ultimate and Humorous Dating Guide for Women
118 pages
Soft cover, $8.99; ISBN:  978-1515316732
E-book, $3.99; ASIN: B0137PJZ9Q
Publication date: August 1, 2015
Published by Korifaeus Publishing
Available in Bookstores and booksellers Internationally and Online, including Barnes & Nobles and Amazon

About the Author
Leagan E. Kasper is an American Author living in New York City and founder/creator of ™Korifaeus Entertainment, the Multi-Genre Entertainment Boutique Online. She is the Author of the aesthetically erotic novel LOVE. Books  by Kasper include Surviving Pan, a fictional Dialogue between three Scientists solving the Mysteries of History and Mythologies,  Temporis Spatio (A Space in Time) completely written in rhyming verse, and The Deceptive Fibionary, a Collection of deceptive Short Stories, amongst others.

Kasper is currently working on a historical thriller, The lost Truth of Ancient Times, written in English and German, scheduled for release in fall.